Hinode Software
Based in Tokyo, Japan

Founding date:
January, 2018

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Is not it hard to make a list with a smartphone?
I have not used the smartphone for making a list so far. I have made a list by handwriting.
That is because it is earlier.

However, rather than going shopping with a handwritten memo, would not it be nice to be able to utilize smartphones in a more convenient way?
Therefore, I created a application that makes a list by voice.

Just press the voice recognition button and speak to your smartphone like “Apple Banana Orange ...".
Since a list is created by automatic line feed, there is no need for line breaks.
Therefore, you can make a list overwhelmingly faster than handwriting.

In addition, as it adopts genuine Apple’s high-precision voice recognition software, there is little misrecognition.

You can download it for free, so please try it.




download all screenshots & photos as .zip (497KB)

download a icon file as .zip (9KB)

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